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Just caught up with the papers this morning. Today, refugees and travelers from several Middle Eastern countries were banned from entering the U.S., courtesy of a presidential executive order. Protests followed, and the ACLU secured a temporary stay.


We went to the Carolina and saw 20th Century Women. Very charming period piece (1979!), with some good scenes (“menstruation”), beautiful cinematography, and sensitive acting. But what was it about? It reminded me of Richard Linklater’s nostalgia trips–also impeccable in their attention to detail. But finally, these films are the memories of middle class white males who grew up to be artists, with the help of fondly remembered women. The specific memories — like the Harry Potter midnight sale in Boyhood, or the specific Black Flag album in 20th Century Women — becomes a nostalgia fetish without purpose.

Note to self: Complain to the Carolina about the low volume level of Cinema 2.

Late dinner at Gocciolina in late celebration of my birthday. K had oysters, truffles, and hand-cut noodles. I went for the carbonara.