Social media celebrity death trip, or #ripcarriefisher

I’ve become more and more curious about our obsession with celebrity death. This has been s a purportedly terrible year for celebrity longevity.

I don’t know if this perception is true, but as social media makes celebrities of us all, the trend of celebrity death can only accelerate. I can’t help but feel that we are all breathlessly waiting to see who will die next.

That said, I found out two things about Carrie Fisher this evening.

First, I can’t imagine having a life in which something like this happens:

Second, a less morbidly fascinating and more melancholy discovery was that Ms. Fisher is survived by her mother, Debbie Reynolds, who is 84.

The Washington Post obit is linked below. #ripcarrie

A child of Hollywood, the actress and writer constantly reinvented herself, by design or necessity.

Source: Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia of ‘Star Wars,’ chronicler of her own excess, dies at 60 – The Washington Post

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