Soccer turmoil, stoppage time

If a provocative article turns up on a niche blog and sits there with zero comments, is it any good? I think so. Here’s a tidbit.

US Soccer exempts from its conflict of interest policy “any constituent or affiliated member entities of U.S. Soccer.” This is hugely problematic because an affiliate of US Soccer is Major League Soccer, which contains a for-profit marketing arm called Soccer United Marketing. The opportunities for conflict are many. For instance, according to the New York Daily News, in addition to being US Soccer president since 2006, Gulati was “also a founder, board member and deputy commissioner of MLS, and a member of SUM’s board of directors.”

Good piece by Roger Pielke Jr. on Stefan Szymanski’s blog. I must admit to being a little startled by Pielke’s Twitter timeline. Apparently he is known/tarred as a climate change skeptic. I read the Wall Street Journal column he wrote about charge. I’m satisfied he’s not a nut–but he sure is combative. A combative person who seems like a nut: that’s what it takes to fight the US federation.

But for the many, it must seem ridiculous to attach so much importance to soccer.

Source: Soccernomics Agency: Consultancy, Research, Ideas » US Soccer and Conflicts of Interest

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