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Cookie party

This winter it snowed before Christmas. This never happens, except that this year it did. Jim and Joyce always have a Christmas cookie party, but because it snowed it was postponed to today.

I never made buttery sablés before December. The first time I made them I was practicing for their party. The second time I made them was today.

They are the numerous whitish cookies. The other cookies are the ones I brought back from the party. I should have brought more cookies. I only brought about 10 because I didn’t want to bring too many, so many that people wouldn’t want to eat them and it would look like I’d made unpopular cookies.

All 10 cookies got eaten. Next year I will bring more cookies.

It was nice to see everyone. We’ve lived in Durham a long time now.

cookies on a plate

I remember this

We took our niece Sienna out to a concert headlined by Nas and Erykah Badu. It was a late graduation present. We missed her graduation because we were in Russia.

We had a lot of fun. This was September, and we were at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. Dee-bap.

David, Katja, Sienna at Nas/Erykah Badu concert

A moment in St. Petersburg that I’d forgotten

My memories are stored in the cloud. This was last summer, at an art gallery and cinema. I remember going there and not finding any films playing–at least not the one we were looking for. There was a big screen in the back showing World Cup games, but nobody watching. But I don’t really remember standing there.

David in front of mural of Soviet officer
Photo by KNH
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