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My day in the “national conversation”–aka the twitters

I’ve received some nice notes from people about the guns-and-NRA column I wrote for the Washington Post. Several people have sought out this blog and left comments. Thanks for that, but I must say that I also feel a bit like someone caught unprepared for houseguests.  This is my first post since April, and I am now badly behind in my quest to blog my way through 50 books this year.

I have two excuses: First, I’ve been working on the futsal league I help run through Durham Atlético. I’ve also been working on related soccer matters with the city and the Durham Soccer Council, an ad hoc citizens group of which I am the president.

My second excuse is that I was making my way very slowly through the second book of Karl Ove Knausgaard’s “My Struggle.” I finished this Proustian tome, finally, a couple days ago. Right now I’m making up the “lost time” by tearing through a Jim Thompson novel, “The Killer Inside Me,” that I hadn’t read since my early 20s.

Anyway, my blog has a fresh post now. Thanks for the notes, and here’s the link to the WaPo column. It was the most-read story on the site for a while, until it got bumped by Donald Trump. Seriously. Some good news about him, too.