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Soccer turmoil, updated

Relatively few people are paying attention, but the US soccer pyramid is becoming clarified. The second-division NASL and the fourth-division NPSL are being squeezed. These two independent leagues have the most interesting independently owned teams in North America. But they are struggling.

After NASL and NPSL have been extinguished, I will probably have to find a new enthusiasm. I won’t be able to work up much excitement or interest in the bland, corporate soccer produced by MLS and its compliant partners, USL and the US Soccer Federation.

My friend Neil Morris gets a shout-out in this piece, too. He tweeted leaked press releases about our local club, the Carolina RailHawks, and its long-rumored re-brand to “North Carolina FC.”

(On a personal note, I post this in a world-weary state. I used to care so much about these topics, and right about now, I don’t care at all. I just want to read and fly airplanes.)

The tiers below MLS–and a number of the clubs that play in them–face future-altering decisions in the coming days.

Source: With lower tier of U.S. soccer on the brink, NASL and USL try to figure out future | FOX Sports