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Letter to the editor: Hogs and free trade

Wrote to the News & Observer again, this time in response to a four-part series that looked at Japanese investment in Eastern North Carolina pork. Some interesting stuff, but I think reporter J. Andrew Curliss might have gotten carried away with the excitement of writing a sweeping international business story and neglected to look more closely at facts on the ground—little things like worker compensation and safety, for starters.

The series is here, getting the special online, multimedia-reading-experience treatment.

My letter, which ran Saturday, I think, is here.

Today, the N&O waived its length limit to allow two pro-globalization employees of UNC to extol the series and The UNC system’s “Global Connections” report, which “endorses the Center for International Understanding’s plan to work with businesses, lawmakers, nonprofits and educational entities to develop what will be the nation’s first comprehensive state internationalization strategy.”