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There must be some way out of here.

So it begins. Many of my friends were in Washington and Raleigh this weekend, protesting in the streets. I was working on the winter futsal season schedule. Twenty-two teams in three divisions is a lot of work. I feel the need to go to work, to shut down the social media.

It’s like we’re reliving the early Bush years, except this is worse. This time we don’t know who is in charge. We truly don’t know what the world will look like a year from now. The only thing I’m sure of is that things will be very strange.

And yet, I want to tune it all out.

Tonight K and I talked about moving to Mexico, or to Europe. If only we could live in the mökki in Vaasa. It sits on the Gulf of Bothnia, facing west. We could bring books, watch Netflix, sit in the sauna, then sit in our robes on the porch and watch the sunsets. We could watch the sun set on the United States of America.


Ross Douthat warns the media against “hysterical oppositionalism”.

Micah White, a veteran of Occupy Wall Street, isn’t all that impressed by the Washington protests, which he fears will fizzle out unless the left figures out a pathway to power. He makes interesting points about the French Revolution:

It the first protest march of women in modern history, and it was also the most effective. When the revolutionary women arrived at Versailles, they broke into the palace, murdered two guardsmen and attempted to enter the queen’s bedchamber before ultimately forcing King Louis XVI and his entourage to march with the crowd – now 60,000 strong – back to Paris.

Photo: This is a crop of a Getty image I spotted in a Politico slideshow. I tried to use Getty’s free embed feature on another photo, but I can’t get it to work. I will have to try again later. Meanwhile, apologies to Getty for the improperly appropriated image. I’ll try to do better, and thanks for this.