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My day in the “national conversation”–aka the twitters

I’ve received some nice notes from people about the guns-and-NRA column I wrote for the Washington Post. Several people have sought out this blog and left comments. Thanks for that, but I must say that I also feel a bit like someone caught unprepared for houseguests.  This is my first post since April, and I am now badly behind in my quest to blog my way through 50 books this year.

I have two excuses: First, I’ve been working on the futsal league I help run through Durham Atlético. I’ve also been working on related soccer matters with the city and the Durham Soccer Council, an ad hoc citizens group of which I am the president.

My second excuse is that I was making my way very slowly through the second book of Karl Ove Knausgaard’s “My Struggle.” I finished this Proustian tome, finally, a couple days ago. Right now I’m making up the “lost time” by tearing through a Jim Thompson novel, “The Killer Inside Me,” that I hadn’t read since my early 20s.

Anyway, my blog has a fresh post now. Thanks for the notes, and here’s the link to the WaPo column. It was the most-read story on the site for a while, until it got bumped by Donald Trump. Seriously. Some good news about him, too.

Book: The Perfect Storm

These last couple of weeks I have been preoccupied with writing a magazine story, much of which I accomplished while at a writer’s retreat in Southern Pines.

Also, this.

With the story turned in, and with a lull in the heavy lifting for Durham Atlético, I’ve finally finished Sebastian Junger’s thrilling The Perfect Storm, which is every bit as good as its reputation would suggest.

Nothing really to add, except that I was oddly comforted by his description of what it is like to drown.

Books read this year: 5

Books on the table, already coming due at the library: Three, all about money.