New career for me?

I reached a milestone today: I passed the FAA knowledge test with a pretty good score of 95 percent. I got 57 questions out of 60 correct. I’m a little unhappy, though, because two of the questions I missed were on a single minor topic that was not covered in my prep materials.

No complaints about the other one I missed, which concerned the correct reading of TAFs (terminal area forecasts, if you’re interested). I’ve struggled all along to read those darn things properly, and evidently I still can’t.

All in all, I’m pleased. I spent the better part of five days cramming for this test after I got a disappointing 88 on the final of my ground school course. I made more than 300 flash cards on Anki, which was incredibly helpful. I expect to keep using them, in fact.

I don’t know when I’ll start flying, though. The local flying club is experiencing a dire shortage of CFIs (certificated flying instructors) because the airline industry is on a hiring binge right now.

In other flying news, my S.O. gave me a drone for Christmas! It’s a Parrot Bebop, which I’ll have to register with the FAA. I haven’t tried it out yet, but plan to do so this weekend. I may be spending a lot more time flying the drone than flying a Cessna.

More on the pilot shortage: Alaska is the canary in the coal mine, and it’s so bad there that an opening has been created for drones to begin civilian operation, probably sooner rather than later. Read on.

A wave of baby boomer retirements and the growth of aviation in Asia have led to a void that is rippling across the state with gale force.

Source: Alaska, Reliant on Air Transit, Faces Pilot Shortage. Are Drones an Answer? – The New York Times

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