It starts today

Detroit pic
Detroit, Memorial Day Weekend, 2016.

Quitting Facebook. Haven’t done it yet, but it’s only a matter of time until I resolve my main reason for staying on it. Durham Atlético, the city futsal club that I co-founded and spend a lot of time running, needs a Facebook presence. At least I think it does. When I find a player-volunteer who is willing and able to become the sole administrator of the page, I’ll be ready to deactivate.

I have little to add to the litany of published reasons to leave FB. I’ll just say that a year of almost-total abstention from alcohol has shown me that I can eliminate distracting and unproductive habits if I’m determined enough to do so. Also, I just cannot spend the next four years refreshing my FB feed to see more outraged posts about the next president of the United States. Yes, as a citizen I am concerned. But I also have to tend to my mental and emotional health, and I can’t allow the joys and challenges of my daily existence to be compromised by that specter.

I haven’t left FB yet. But I’m throwing down the marker, and I’m reviving this blog as part of the transition.

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