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Lifting to failure

It’s early January, which means it’s time to think about how to get back on a gym schedule. I like to lift weights, but I fell out of it in 2017 as my life began to get hectic. This article suggests that short workouts build just as much strength as longer ones, minus the bulk.

The key to gaining strength through short workouts is the same as for traditional workouts: lifting until failure.

Hurricanes watch: Hockey team to stop reporting certain financials to the public. Public says, “OK.”

Sometimes it’s good to put things in perspective. If our “major league” hockey team, the Carolina Hurricanes, were to disappear, few would mourn. Oh sure, there is a noisy niche group of hockey fans, but not enough to prevent scenes like this. (If you really need to see a photo of a half-empty PNC Arena, you may need to click the link.)


Two years ago, I took a skeptical look at the health of the Hurricanes for the News & Observer.

That piece got very little response, and Chip Alexander’s new piece about the Hurricanes’ new policy of less transparency, and the rumors of a sale and relocation, also has exactly zero comments. Wherever our local hockey fans are, they sure aren’t on the N&O website. And not many are at PNC Arena, either.

The Carolina Hurricanes now are reporting less financial information to the Centennial Authority, a change approved last month by the PNC Arena landlord.

Source: Hurricanes to stop reporting some revenue figures to Centennial Authority

God and football trumps all

Another good piece by my favorite sportswriter at the Times. Michael Powell doesn’t really write about sports. Rather, he writes about the culture, politics, and corruption around sports. My kind of guy.

Liberty University, a Christian school that covets a higher athletic profile, looked the other way and found an athletic director who did the same.

Source: At Liberty University, All Sins at Are Forgiven on the Altar of Greed – The New York Times