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Social media celebrity death trip, or #ripcarriefisher

I’ve become more and more curious about our obsession with celebrity death. This has been s a purportedly terrible year for celebrity longevity.

I don’t know if this perception is true, but as social media makes celebrities of us all, the trend of celebrity death can only accelerate. I can’t help but feel that we are all breathlessly waiting to see who will die next.

That said, I found out two things about Carrie Fisher this evening.

First, I can’t imagine having a life in which something like this happens:

Second, a less morbidly fascinating and more melancholy discovery was that Ms. Fisher is survived by her mother, Debbie Reynolds, who is 84.

The Washington Post obit is linked below. #ripcarrie

A child of Hollywood, the actress and writer constantly reinvented herself, by design or necessity.

Source: Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia of ‘Star Wars,’ chronicler of her own excess, dies at 60 – The Washington Post

“I began to think about William Shakespeare, the great literary figure”

Read Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize in Literature banquet speech after “receiving such a prestigious prize.”

Dylan’s graceful yet sly acceptance speech, in which he compares himself to Shakespeare and suggests that the two of them, by playing before audiences, may have greater things in heaven and earth than mere “literature:”

Source: Read Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize in Literature Banquet Speech