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David here… Thanks to having a rare surname, I was able to purchase “my” domain when I thought it might be a good idea to learn how to put up basic websites.

I don’t have commercial ambitions for “davidfellerath.com,” although I hope to use it as a place to keep and share photo albums. Perhaps I’ll eventually use it to post some of my writings on film and soccer.

Above: Me and Katja, July 2011. This photo was taken late in the Nordic evening on a passenger ferry traveling from Turku, Finland to Stockholm, Sweden. 

Want to see some honeymoon photos?

Want to see some photos of our European walkabout of 2014? (Coming soon.)

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  1. Don Williams

    Hi David,
    Just read your piece in the Post and saw that you are from NC. I am as well, raised on the coast in Beaufort but moved to Cullowhee when my wife and I got married and spent 17 very happy years there, often going to Asheville for fun and games and concerts. I have not lived in NC for 25 years as I am active duty and stationed in the SW working with tribes, a wonderful blessing in my life.
    I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your piece and agreed with every word. My relatives were all hunters and my son and daughter-in-law feed themselves and my granddaughters by hunting, fishing and raising a huge garden. I have nothing against long guns but despise handguns for the same reasons you stated.
    My main reason for writing you though (and this is the only forum I could find as I am not a tweeter or facebooker, too much time required) is to say how pleased I was to read something from NC that did not break my heart or make me furious. I am so demoralized by the direction of the state’s elected loonies that I recently switched my state of residence to where I live as I simply could not continue to send my tax dollars to a state that I no longer recognize. I had always thought I would return at the end of my career but I don’t think so anymore; it certainly is not the NC I have loved all of my 64 years. I will always be a Tar Heel in my heart but can no longer abide what is happening there. Thanks for writing something I could be proud of and heartily agree with.

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