NTSB files: PA32 crashes at KRDU

Reddit aggregated a lot of information on this one. A couple of people pounced on the LiveATC audio and edited it for YouTube. Unsettling to hear.

As I type, I realize that this crash happened almost exactly 24 hours ago–at roughly 2315Z. What was I doing? I’d finished having a drink/working at Pour Taproom. At 6:30 or so I told my wife I was coming home. By 7 or 7:15, I was tossing pizza dough in the comfort of home. This poor pilot and his wife, both 73, were crashing into the trees of Umstead Park, short of Runway 32.

The NTSB will decide whether the flight ended as LOC or CFIT (“loss of control”, “controlled flight into terrain”), but it’s clear that the pilot was under stress, with a perhaps-balky autopilot while he was vectored around with ceilings under 2,000 feet.

Sadly, he reported in his final transmissions that he had the airport in sight.

Anyway, bookmarking this for the final NTSB report sometime in late 2020.


FAA plane registry

LiveATC audio on YouTubehh

Flight track

Best explanation for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Another definitive story from William Langewiesche.

In his telling, the disappearance of this flight, while dramatic and terrifying, isn’t so mysterious after all. There are millions of flights every year, so it stands to reason that once in a long while, there will be an unreliable, suicidal pilot at the controls. If Langewiesche is correct–and I think he is–then at least the passengers appear to have not suffered.


NTSB file (preliminary): Piper Malibu goes down in Nash County

Four middle-aged adults dead, plus two dogs. Little other info (VFR/IFR, phase of flight, etc). Check for NTSB preliminary in a couple weeks.

Plane went down early Friday afternoon, June 7.